Every artist births their ideas in a different way.  

Some sketch or draw, some write out their ideas etc.  

I tend jump right into creating, to beading - after meditating on the energy/intention I’m trying to convey.  Sometimes the first rendition is the one I name and decide to add to the website.  Other times I create a prototype Waistbead before releasing the final design.  

That leaves me with a few, unnamed and unlisted pieces.  All beautiful and handmade with just as much love and intention as the final designs.  

So I had a thought: 

why not create a space on the site to list those prototypes as available for purchase?  

And so it is. 🤗

Most of the Prototype Waistbeads will be 1-of-1 and available up to a certain size, as they’re all pre-made.  Each listing will include the energy/intention behind the Waistbeads.  Be sure to read each description listing whether the adornment is a tie-on strand or stretchy/pre-tied.