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Crown Chakra • Intention Setting • Reset

We’re finding ways to rest our nerves.  Resting our bodies requires that we rest our minds. 

So this strand is for my kinfolk who have no less than 50-11 tabs 💻 running in their mind, at any given time. 🙋🏾‍♀️

It’s my intention that these waistbeads serve as a reminder to close out some of those tabs.  Re-prioritize your to-do list, accept help/support from your circle 🙏🏾 creating space to rest, recharge and indulge in a bit of ease. 

Rest•oration is a Solid strand of matte white glass beads.  White, the absence of color, serving as a blank canvas for:



New Beginnings

Crown Chakra support

Consider…what can you take off your plate, to create space for rest?  Who can you reach out to, to support you in creating that space?

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