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Iyana (Yoni) Laws

Born and raised in the DMV area.  Mom of 2, wife of 1, lol.

Owner and creative force behind Yoni Love, LLC: a well-established mindfulness company, centering wellness via adornment and energy healing.  Iyana is a Waistbeads Designer, Workshop Facilitator & Certified Reiki Master Teacher (member of IARP: International Association of Reiki Professionals).  She’s passionate about empowering women to prioritize reconnecting with self through Waistbeads (Intentional Adornments), creativity and energetic wellness.


Yoni Love LLC was born out of my own intense need for self care after enduring a miscarriage in 2016.  A major part of moving through that loss included making Waistbeads.  I’m always most fulfilled when supporting and nurturing others. So, naturally, my first strand of Waistbeads weren’t made for me but for a loved one.  Sky blue beads (her favorite color) adorned with Rose Quartz & Amethyst for fertility and protection.  After showing a picture to my Sister Circle…one requested to purchase a strand as a gift for an upcoming wedding…and the rest is history.  I discovered that sending healing womb energy to others, by way of waistbeads, was vicariously healing my own. My work is truly a labor love; an extension of my own self care and personal growth.

In today’s microwave society, moments of stillness can be fleeting.  Carving out time to focus inward often seems like a luxury.  Well, I’m here to assure you that Self Care is an absolute necessity!  Specializing in waistbeads & other intentional adornments, Self Care Jars (kits) and Reiki healing – I’m here to support you along the way.

Every woman needs a set of waistbeads! 

Whether you simply desire a pretty adornment or you’re focusing on body appreciation, fertility, weight management etc ~ I incorporate healing crystals and other natural elements to support your individual self care needs.